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Our VBA developer Program is designed by the industry’s experts. These skills fulfil the requirements of jobs related to automate various activities in Excel like generating reports, preparing charts & graphs, doing calculations.

    16 Sessions
    48 Hours

    Skills you will master

    Arithmetic Operators
    String Operators
    Comparison Operators
    Logical Operators
    Excel Objects
    Error Handling
    Text File
    Programming Chart


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    01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
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    Mob : +91-9810600764
    Address : M8, Lower ground Floor, Sector 14 OLD DLF Gurgaon 122001
    Email : info@palin.co.in


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    About The Program

    Our VBA developer Program is designed by the industry experts. These skills fulfil the requirements of jobs related to automate various activities in Excel like generating reports, preparing charts & graphs, doing calculations. Now a days there are huge requirements of VBA professionals in the industry. This program gives you automation activity is also often referred as Macro. This way it helps users to save their time spent behind running the repetitive steps. High quality content to store and process the raw data. Training includes Industry specific data as well as assignments, case study, project.

    During the training participants will get:

    After the completion of the course you will be able to crack the interviews with most of the renowned organizations like Accenture, IBM, WNS, EXL, Bank of America, American Express, Fractal Analytics, British Telecom, Cognizant and many more.

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    Career Advisor
    Vinay Mishra, Consultant
    Palin Delivers real world relevance with activities and assignments that helps students build critical thinking and analytic skills that will transfer to other courses and professional life.
    Program Description
    VBA developer program is designed as per the needs of developers in the industry who are good at knowledge specially in excel. You might wonder why to use VBA in Excel as MS-Excel itself provides loads of inbuilt functions. MS-Excel provides only basic inbuilt functions which might not be sufficient to perform complex calculations. Under such circumstances, VBA becomes the most obvious solution .For example it is very hard to calculate the monthly repayment of a loan using Excel's built-in formulas. Rather, it is easy to program a VBA for such a calculation.
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       Session 1 - Introduction to Macros

    What is Macro?, Declartions/Data Types, What are references?, Options Explicit, Recording a Macro?, Introduction to Windows Viewing and editing VBA code, Understanding How it Works?

       Session 2 - Macros Continuous

    Finding the Last row or Last Col, How to define range, Playing with Ranges, Msgbox, Inputbox

       Session 3 - Macros Continuous

    Writing Formulas in Macro, Using Formula defined in Macro, Evaluate Method

       Session 4 - Macros Continuous

    IF/ENDIF, Case, With, Instr, Dateadd, Datepart, Datedif, Mod Operator, Date & Time Functions

       Session 5 - Macros Continuous

    Understanding Loops, For Loop

       Session 6 - Macros Continuous

    Understanding Loops, For Continue

       Session 7 - Macros Continuous

    Understanding Loops Do Loop

       Session 8 - Macros Continuous

    Introduction to Form X and Active X Controls, Working with Errors, Resume Statements

       Session 9 - Macros Continuous

    Introduction to Userforms

       Session 10 - Macros Continuous

    Change Events, How to work with Them?, Open Dialog,Save As

       Session 11 - Macros Continuous

    Introduction to Customised Functions, Sending Email from Excel

       Session 12 - Macros Continuous

    Consolidating Multiple Workbooks in One, Rename & Moving Files, Opening Internet & IQY Method, Send Keys

       Session 13 - SQL & ACCESS

    Working with SQL & Access, Understanding of the Queries, Various Kind of Joins

       Session 14 - SQL & ACCESS

    SQL & Access Continue, How to work with Excel

       Session 15 - Macros Continuous

    Working with Pivot Tables, Working with Charts, Split, Understanding Arrays

       Session 16 - Case Study

    Case Study on Real Time Data

    Read More
    Program Highlights
    Instructor led training is the live and interactive training by industry professionals.
    Live Case Study
    A project undertaken by you in supervision of the trainers will be conducted.
    Regular assignment leads to a proper revision of your skills.
    Lifetime Access
    Access to all the recording for the lifetime and avoid notes maintaining chios.
    24 X 7 Support
    Access to all the recording for the lifetime and avoid notes maintaining chios.
    After successful completion of the training and case study Palin will certify you as Palin certified MIS Analyst.
    Career Counselor
    Avail career guidance and Professional guidance for resume building, unlimited opportunities and interviews.

    Highly motivated with leadership skills having Master’s Degree in Statistics. Holds good working experience in different domains like Retail, Banking, Healthcare FMCG, Marketing analytics and financial modeling using Advance Excel & Macro automation in VBA.
       Who can go for Macro using VBA Program?
    Any Graduate having a programming and non programming background and database handling skills can opt for VBA developer program to make his career into data analyst profiles.
       What is Macro using VBA?
    VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. Before we go into further details, let's look at what computer programming is in a layman's language. Assume you have a maid. If you want the maid to clean the house and do the laundry. You tell her what to do using let's say English and she does the work for you. As you work with a computer, you will want to perform certain tasks. Just like you told the maid to do the house chores, you can also tell the computer to do the tasks for you
       What is future of VBA?
    VBA is a versatile and easy to use programming language allowing you to automate tasks and create simple MS Office applications. Visual Basic for Applications is especially widely used in Excel and Access aiding financial modellers, accountants and regular office dwellers
       Pre-requisite for Macro using VBA?
    A basic knowledge of programming and database is must to look forward to learning VBA development. Any technical and nontechnical graduate can opt for this course having a degree from a renowned institute.
       Is this a classroom training or online?
    In both of the modes Palin arrange classes, can go in either of that classroom as well as online.
       Which one is better classroom or online?
    Both the training modes are good to get trained. But online training is more better than the classroom training because online trainings are live interactive where you can raise your concerns at any point during the session. Additionally recording of the same session will be provided which you can access anytime anywhere.
       What are the topics we cover in VBA?
    VBA training will Macros, Arrays, Arithmetic Operators, String Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators, Excel Objects, Error Handling, Text File, Programming Chart, Userforms,etc
       After the course for which companies I can apply for?
    Most of the organizations are working on data analytics platform Like Mckinsey, Delloitte, mercer, TCS, Accenture, Cognizant, IBM, Amex, RBS, UHG, WNS and many more..
       What are pay packages for fresher in VBA?
    On an average a fresher gets 4-6 LPA with a skill set VBA Development.
       What is the process for VBA Training?
    We'll be starting with the introduction to Macros and will be completing end to end automation using macros and the understanding of SQL & ACCESS with the real time data & case study.


      Best training organisation to get trained on their customised training module..

      I had completed my training from this Institute. Trainers are very good who explains the topic in depth. Best Institute.

      Recently I’ve completed Advance Excel & VBA training from Palin Analytics. The most reliable thing about the Palin is they are providing best trainers who have industry exposure of more than eight years in same domain. Impressive infrastructure and flexibility. I strongly recommend to join Palin Technologies because I really found this organization worthy.

      Palin is undoubtedly the best place to get trained in their specialised training. I would give them best ranking because of their training quality, their trainers and their placement assistance.
      Strongly Recommended..

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