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SAS is the short form of the Statistical Analysis System. It is an integrated system that enables us to perform statistical analysis by altering, managing and retrieving data from a variety of sources in order to develop a software solution. Due to SAS, you can access and consolidate a large amount of data across the multiple sources. You can also analyze the data with validated analytics.

About Palin Analytics:

Palin is a reliable analytics powerhouse. It is the perfect analytics solution for you. You can get enough confidence in their work. You can discover insights from your data with the helping hands of the experts. Their mission is to empower and inspire people with the most trusted analytics. They make it easier for the people to use the powerful analytics. Through their work, it shortens the path from data to insight. The powerful analytics can break all the barriers. It also lights up the ambitions and helps you to get your fruitful result. They transform the innovative spirit to their customers every day.

Classification and regression:

There is a big difference between classification and regression. Classification is mainly about predicting a label and the regression is about to predicting a quantity.

  • Classification is the process of predicting a separate class label.
  • Regression is the process of predicting a continuous quantity.
  • Classification prediction can be able to evaluate through accuracy. But regression prediction cannot be done through this process.
  • Regression prediction can be evaluated through squared error. But the classification prediction cannot be done through this process.

There are some algorithms which can be used with both classification and regression with small modifications.

Training centre:

SAS can be able to satisfy your data and analysis. There are many academic researchers who can take the advantage of the powerful data access. There are many SAS training institute in Gurgaon. Palin analytics is the best one for you. Palin analytics is the centre of excellence. They provide so many practical facilities for the students so that the students can learn the basic things in a unique way. Enthusiasm is the main thing for them. They are becoming a popular brand in the analytics training industry. They can be able to offer you online classes. This team is passionate and committed to providing you with a complete analytic solution. They offer you a real-time exposure to the industry. The SAS training is the popular course which you can opt in order to enhance your analytical growth. By their proper training and support, you can easily achieve the success.

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