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ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) on HANA is a programming language and development platform that is used to build enterprise-level applications for the HANA database platform. HANA is a high-performance in-memory database that allows for real-time data processing, making it well-suited for complex business applications that require high-speed transactions.

ABAP on HANA is designed to leverage the capabilities of the HANA platform, providing developers with a set of tools and techniques that can be used to create applications that take full advantage of the in-memory processing capabilities of the database. Some of the key features of ABAP on HANA include support for advanced analytics, real-time data processing, and streamlined data modeling and access.



What You will learn

Advantage of ABAP

ABAP on HANA provides significant advantages over traditional ABAP programming, including improved performance, reduced complexity, advanced capabilities, and better integration with other ERP systems.


Who can go for this

Anyone who is interested in developing applications using ERP technology and wants to leverage the capabilities of HANA can learn ABAP on HANA. It is a highly valuable skill that can enhance your career prospects in the field of enterprise application development.

Course Content







  • HANA Ambitions
  • Hardware Technology innovations
  • Software Technology innovations
  • HANA Goals
  • Evolution of ABAP for HANA
  • Possible Types of HANA-Based Applications
  • Highlights of NetWeaver Application server ABAP 7.4
  • Row store
  • Column store
  • When to use columnar storage
  • When to use row storage
  • Demo
  • Column store dictionary compression
  • Implications of an in-memory database
  • Overview code to data capabilities
  • Performance improvement vs code adjustments
  • System Demo to write “Hello World”
  • Short cuts
  • Migration to S.A.P. HANA
  • Code Continuity
  • Mandatory Adaptations
  • AP Test cockpit
  • Runtime check Monitor
  • Performance consideration
  • Classical performance guidelines and additions
  • Code Inspector check variant PERFORMANCE_DB
  • Demi
  • Static performance check coverage
  • Example of a productive ERP System
  • SQL Monitor
  • Architecture
  • Administration of the SQL Monitor
  • Analysis of SQL Monitor Data
  • Demo
  • Combination of code check results
  • SQL Performance Tuning Worklist demo
  • Recommended procedure
  • Transparent Optimization
  • ALV Integrated Data Access demo
  • ALV integrated data access
  • Search help
  • Demo on search help
  • EPM
  • What is Open SQL
  • Demo
  • What’s new in Open SQL
  • Literal Value and a generic existence check
  • Expressions
  • Demo
  • Conditional Expression
  • Expressions in the Group by having clauses
  • Automatic client handling
  • Introduction to CDS services
  • CDS in ABAP
  • Demo
  • Simple CDS View and Open SQL Consumption
  • CDS views Open SQL
  • Demo
  • Projection list
  • View-on-view concept
  • CDS View Extensions
  • CDS view with input parameters
  • Demo
  • UNION & UNION ALL Statements
  • Join statements
  • Simple association
  • Association types
  • Filter associations
  • ADBC
  • DEMO
  • ABAP Database Connectivity: Typical code
  • Native SQL Pitfalls
  • Consumption of an HANA Database procedure with ADBC
  • Consumption of an ABAP Managed Database Procedure
  • Introduction of AMDPs
  • Demo
  • Class definition
  • Class Implementation
  • Consumption and artifact creation
  • Exception Handling
  • AMDP Exception Hierarchy
  • CDS Annotation Concept
  • Demo
  • Consumption of CDS View in Gateway
  • Demo



Hi I am Satya and I am super excited that you are reading this.

Professionally, I am ABAP Consultant  with over 12+ years of experience in MNC’s. I have done 9 Implementation projects and 15 support projects. Currently handling three support projects and also giving training for enduser’s. Last six years giving corporate and  retail training for aspirants.  

From this course you will get to know how I combine my working knowledge, experience and qualification background  to deliver training step by step.  

Student feedback

4.5 OUT OF 5


1 year ago

Raghav sir is a good instructor for PP S4 Hana module.. He cover all topic step by step. He provided very good study materials and high support provided by him for interview prepration. Thanks Palin provide me good facultiy.


1 year ago

This is a very good place to jump start on your focus area. I wanted to learn PP Hana. Raghav who is the faculty, is an accomplished and learned professional. He is a very good trainer. This is a very rare combination to find. 


Thank you Naveen…


1 year ago

Good environment and nice place for PP offline training. Trainer and staff is really supportive and they help me every time. Very supportive  regarding my assignments and they also help me in job placement also.


Thanks Nashir thank you very much.

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SAP stands for “Systems, Applications and Products in data processing” and it is the third  largest software company in the world. SAP provides end to end solutions for financials, manufacturing, logistics, distribution etc. Each SAP module is integrated with other modules. SAP System divided in to two types of modules such as functional modules and technical modules.

Pool of working professionals with several years experience in same field with different domains like banking, healthcare, retail, ecommerce and many more. 

Its  Live interactive training, Ask your quesries on the go, no need to wait for doubt clearing.

you will have access to all the recordings, you can go through the recording as many times as you want.

Ask your questions on the go or you can post your question in group on facebook, our dedicated team will answer every query arises.

Yes we will help learners even after the subscription expires.

you can write your questions at info@palin.co.in we will address your questions there.

SAP ABAP ON HANA is widely used by companies around the world, and there is a high demand for professionals who have expertise in this area. Completing an SAP ABAP ON Hana course can help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to land a job in this field.

SAP ABAP ON HANA is one of the flourishing fields that offer a decent salary structure to its skilled candidates. In fact, there’s a scarcity of skilled SAP ABAP ON HANA consultants, and the opening is quite huge. So, choosing this field will be beneficial for your career in various ways. You will not only make good money but also secure a higher job position as well.

Post having this accreditation in hand, you will earn around 5 to 7 Lakhs a year as a fresher SAP ABAP Consultant.

On the other hand, an experienced SAP ABAP Consultant earns around Rs. 18 to 25 Lakh yearly.

Well, this salary structure is quite impressive and proves that approaching this field is genuinely a suitable decision if you are looking for growth in this specific direction.

With an increase in your work experience, this salary bracket will eventually get higher.

SAP ABAP ON HANA is widely used across various industries for managing business processes and operations, making it a highly in-demand skill set for professionals looking to work in these industries.

  1. Manufacturing: Many manufacturing companies use SAP ABAP to manage their supply chain, production planning, and inventory management.

  2. Finance: SAP ABAP is commonly used in the finance industry for managing financial transactions, budgeting, and forecasting.

  3. Healthcare: Healthcare organizations use SAP ABAP for managing patient records, medical billing, and insurance claims.

  4. Retail: Retail companies use SAP ABAP to manage their sales and distribution processes, inventory, and supply chain.

  5. Utilities: SAP ABAP is used by utilities companies for managing their customer accounts, billing, and service requests.

  6. Transportation: Transportation companies use SAP ABAP for managing their fleet, scheduling, and logistics.

  7. Government: Many government organizations use SAP ABAP for managing their finances, human resources, and procurement processes.

  8. Education: Educational institutions use SAP ABAP for managing student records, admissions, and financial aid.

  9. Telecom: Telecommunications companies use SAP ABAP for managing their billing systems, customer service, and network management.

  10. Media: Media companies use SAP ABAP for managing their content distribution, advertising, and audience engagement.

To be honest,  ABAP ON HANA is one of the evolving fields that has a bright. If your interest also lies in this field, getting acquainted with its details will be good for your career life.

Reportedly, about 4 out of 5 companies in the world rely on the SAP system.

This valuable accreditation will also assist you in acquiring a good salary structure.

You will also get the chance to explore the technical field along with corporate work proceedings.

In fact, further, in your career, you will also be able to turn into a freelancer and make much more decent money out of this certification.

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