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Analytics Using R

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Our Program is designed by the industry’s experts. These skills fulfil the requirements of jobs related to data. Now days there are huge requirements of advance analytics skills with R in the industry.

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12 Sessions
36 Hours

Skills you will master

Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
Hypothesis Testing
Cluster Analysis
Random Forest
Decision Trees


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Address : M8, Lower ground Floor, Sector 14 OLD DLF Gurgaon 122001
Email : info@palin.co.in


About The Program

Our Program is designed by the industry’s experts. These skills fulfil the requirements of jobs related to data. Now days there are huge requirements of advance analytics skills with R in the industry. This program will cover Regression (Linear & Logistic), Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA, Cluster Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Time Series Analysis and Machine Learning overview (Random Forest, Decision Tree) .Training includes Industry specific data as well as assignments, case study, project.

During the training participants will get hands on



and will be going through



After the completion of the course you will be able to crack the interviews with most of the renowned organizations like Accenture, IBM, WNS, EXL, Bank of America, American Express, Fractal Analytics, British Telecom, Cognizant and many starts up companies.


Career Advisor
Vinit Kumar, Consultant
Palin Delivers real world relevance with activities and assignments that helps students build critical thinking and analytic skills that will transfer to other courses and professional life.
Program Description
R Analytics includes Basic Fundamental of R, Data Manipulation in R, Data importing techniques in R, Data Exploration, Data Visualisation in R, Data Mining, Linear & Logistic Regression, ANOVA and Predictive Modeling, Decision Tree & Random Forest. Real time Case Studies to get hands on working experience on R with Advance Modeling.
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   Session 1 - Introduction to analytics using R

What is Data Analytics Who uses R and how. What is R, Why to use R, R products, Gettting Started with R

   Session 2 - Fundamentals of R programming

Different data types in R and when to use which one Function in R Various subsetting methods. Summarizing the data using str(), class(), nrow(), ncol() and length() Use functions like head() and tail() for inspecting data Indulge into a class activity to summarize the data.

   Session 3 - Data Manipulation In R

Know the various steps involved in data cleaning Functions used for data inspection Tacking the problem faced during data cleaning How and when to use functions like grep, grepl, sub, gsub, regexpr, gregexpr, strsplit How to coerce the data Apply family functions

   Session 4 - Reading Data Into R From Different Databases

Import data from spreadsheets and text files into R Install packages used for data import Connect to RDBMS from R using ODBC and basic sql queries in R Perform basic web scrapping

   Session 5 - Exploring data in R

What is data exploration Data exploring using Summary(), mean(), var(), sd(), unique() Using Hmisc package and using summarize, aggregatefunction Learning correlation and cor() function and visualizing the same using corrgram Visualizing data using plot and its different flavours Boxplots Dist function

   Session 6 - Data Visualisation in R

Gain understanding on data visualization Learn the various graphical functions present in R Plot various graph like tableplot, histogram, boxplot etc. Customize graphical parameters to improvise the plots. Understand GUIs like Deducer and R commander Introduction to spatial analysis

   Session 7 - Data Mining : Clustering Techniques

Introduction to data mining Understand machine learning Supervised and unsupervised machine learning algos K means clustering

   Session 8 - Data Mining : Association rules and sentimental analysis

Understanding associate rule mining Understanding sentiment analysis

   Session 9 - Regression

Linear Regression Logistic Regression

   Session 10 - Anova and predictive analysis

Anova Predictive Regression

   Session 11 - Machine learning Algorithms Using R

Understand what is Decision Tree Algos for Decision Tree Greedy approach : Entropy and information gain. A perfect decision tree Understand the concept of random forest How random forest work Features of random forest

   Session 12 - Case Study

Retail Ecommerce Telecom

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Program Highlights
Instructor led training is the live and interactive training by the industry experts
Live Case Study
Helps you work on industry specific data so as to get an hands on experience.
Assignments which helps in conceptual understanding, Prepared for interview training & techniques.
Lifetime Access
Access to all the recording for the lifetime and avoid notes maintaining chios.
24 X 7 Support
Consultants are available online for proper guidance about the course.
After successful completion of the training and case study Palin will certify you as Palin certified Data Analyst.
Career Counselor
Avail career guidance and Professional guidance for resume building, unlimited opportunities and interviews.
Certification Preview

Highly motivated with leadership skills having Master’s Degree in Statistics. Holds good working experience in different domains like Retail, Banking, Healthcare FMCG, Marketing analytics using SAS, R, Python, STATA.
   Who can go for Analytics using R?
Any graduate who’s good at maths or stats and willing to work on Advance Modeling with R as Data Analyst, Business Analyst etc can go for R Analytics training.
   What is Analytics using R?
Advance modeling techniques in R like Linear & Logistic regression, classification algorithms, clustering are used to analyse large data and helps bringing inference and decision making for different business needs.
   What is the future of Analytics using R?
When it comes to data science, R is a great language to master. First of all, it’s a language friendly to beginners — there are certain features in the language that make it easy to get started and develop prototypes quickly.
   Pre-requisites for Analytics using R?
Candidates who are good at maths or stats is an advantage for them. Any Graduate/diploma candidate can apply for this training and get mentored by the experts of the industry.
   Is this a classroom training or online?
Palin Analytics offers you both the training modes. You can opt either classroom or online.
   Which one is better Online or Classroom?
Both the training modes are good to get trained. But online training is more better than the classroom training because online trainings are live interactive where you can raise your concerns at any point during the session. Additionally recording of the same session will be provided which you can access anytime anywhere.
   What all topics will be covered in Analytics using R?
R Analytics includes Basic Fundamental of R, Data Manipulation in R, Data import techniques in R, Data Exploration, Data Visualisation in R, Data Mining, Linear & Logistic Regression, ANOVA, Z-Test, Hypothesis Testing, Cluster Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Time Series Analysis, Decision Tree and Random Forest. Real Cases to get hands on working experience on R with Advance Modeling.
   After the course for which companies I can apply for?
Almost every organisation which has a large customer base is shifting to R Analytics. Companies like Amazon, Infosys, TCS, Accenture, IBM, Flipkart, Airtel are highly in need for analytics professionals.
   What are pay packages for fresher in Analytics using R?
An Entry-Level Data Scientist, IT earns an average salary of Rs 579,714 per year. The highest paying skills associated with this job are Machine Learning, R, and SQL.
   What is the process for Analytics using R?
We'll be starting from Fundamental of R to understand working with files and databases. Then we'll cover advance statistical techniques to get hands on business analytics with regression modeling, classification & unsupervised learning.


    I was really curious about data science training and I was looking for an institute which can provide me the training in tools like R & Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning. I got to know about Palin Analytics through Linkedin, I visited the institute in Gurgaon and I was really impressed by their expert so I instantly decided to get enrolled. They have the best trainers from industry. I found the training very effective and because of that I’m placed with package of 6 LPA.
    Thank you so much Palin Team !!

    PALIN is the best training organization for both class room & online training in Analytical Solutions.I Enrolled for R Analytics training.Trainers are very skilled Experts and practical knowledge training they have provided was really awesome and I will surely recommend to people who need to speedup with Data Science related Training. They helped me in resuming preparation and Reference interviews. Thank you Palin !!

    Candidates get trained in very positive & co-operative environment of Palin Analytics.
    Probably the best training organization for Analytics Training in Delhi/NCR.
    I would recommend Palin to everyone who’s looking to build their career in this field.
    Thank You!!

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